Becky Lynch bashes Rob Gronkowski over WWE rumors


Becky Lynch may be getting ready for her main event match at WrestleMania, but she still has time to bash Rob Gronkowski over the rumors that he may one day join the WWE.

“Wouldn’t that be nice, to never have done anything in wrestling and just go into Wrestlemania? I would love that,” Becky said as she walked out of a airport.

“Some of us almost get fired and have to work our way and scratch and claw, and then we come to the main event,” Lynch continued, referencing Gronkowski’s surprise appearance in the ring during “Wrestlemania” in 2017. “Other people are like here you go, here’s your debut match at Wrestlemania … see you at Wrestlemania.”

While nothing is set in stone, Gronkowski’s name sure has come up a lot in the WWE since his retirement announcement. These rumors were kicked into high gear with Lio Rush already calling out Gronk on ‘Monday Night Raw’ this week.


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