Daniel Bryan Will Return to Raw Tonight


Daniel Bryan is set to return to Raw tonight for the first time since the Road to WrestleMania as part of the Wild Card stipulation.

According to the WWE, Bryan has been chosen to be a Wild Card and he isn’t very happy about it. This sets up a scenario in which he will be bitter and look to take his frustrations out on anyone that crosses him.

In a statement regarding the news, the WWE noted that one half of the “Planet’s Champion” will undoubtedly be unhappy about the issue, and it will be interesting to see what he has to say.

WWE.com wrote about Bryan’s appearance:

“SmackDown Tag Team Champion and ‘Planet’s Champion’ Daniel Bryan has been chosen to be one of the four Wild Card Superstars to appear on Raw this coming Monday in Los Angeles. The former SmackDown General Manager has long been loyal to the blue brand, and since this Wild Card appearance is not by choice, one can only wonder what Bryan will have to say to the ‘fickle’ WWE Universe on Raw.”


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