Jon Moxley on why he left the WWE


In a recent, emotional interview on Chris Jericho’s Talk is Jericho podcast, Jon Moxley (aka Dean Ambrose) explained why he left the WWE and his unhappiness with its creative process and his relationship with Vince McMahon.

Asked about is joining AEW was the reason for his leaving, Moxley made it clear that he was leaving from company regardless of whether there was another wrestling company around.

“My leaving WWE exists outside of that,” Moxley said. “Whether AEW exists or not, I was still leaving WWE. It was good to know the wrestling business was doing so well outside of WWE, but even if it wasn’t, I still would have left. If there was no other promotions to work for in the world, I still would have left WWE. If there were no other wrestlers, I would have just started my own promotion, started my own training school and trained my own opponents. I would have re-seeded the wrestling business from scratch if I had to. But the timing of it is just so crazy.”

Moxley, went on to explain that the WWE’s creative process wore on him so much that he became depressed and got “physically sick” every show. He was tired of being fed “goofy shit” by the creative staff for him to say, including one particular line about a pooper scooper.

“If there’s one thing I want to do [now], I want to prove that your creative process — the WWE’s creative process, sucks,” Moxley said to Jericho. “It does not work. It’s absolutely terrible. … It’s killing the company and I think Vince is the problem. Not so much Vince, but Vince and whatever structure he started building around himself.”

“Promos used to be my favorite part of wrestling,” Moxley said. “I loved it. They ended up becoming my least favorite part, the part I dread. Because now it’s not me coming up with ideas and coming up with ways to hook you into our story. It’s me trying to not look like an idiot. Me trying to appease all these people. Me sitting down with a writer, that’s not how it’s supposed to be.”

He was also upset about McMahon wanting him to bring up the real-life leukemia diagnosis of Roman Reigns in a promo. “As soon as that line left my mouth, I was like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe I just said that,'” Moxley said.

Moxley said he knew in July 2018, before he came back from injury, that he would likely be leaving WWE when his contract was up. The final straw, Moxley said, was a segment where he was supposed to get a rabies shot with a giant syringe during a promo. He was supposed to be repelled by the “disgusting, disease-riddled fanbase.” McMahon thought the idea was great, Moxley said, but Moxley hated it, calling it “embarrassing.”

When he was offered a new contract by WWE, Moxley said he didn’t even look at it. “I don’t care how many zeroes you want to put on a piece of paper, I am gone,” Moxley said he told WWE. “McMahon has got the Million Dollar Man complex. He’s got to be able to buy everything. That’s why he pays Brock billions of dollars to come in and ruin his company. Because he wants to own Brock. He wants to be like, ‘Ahh, Brock is my attraction.”

“Nothing I do [now] is motivated by money,” Moxley said. “Everything I do, whether it’s a show I do, a wrestling show I do, a match I have — anything I do, any project that I’m involved in, I’m chasing and directed by passion, creativity, artistic satisfaction and fun. That’s what I’m chasing. And I think the rewards, be they monetary or otherwise, will come.”

Last weekend, Jon Moxley made his shocking debut at the end of AEW’s Double Or Nothing PPV event. After the show it was announced that Moxley will be answering questions regarding his WWE exit, in an interview with Chris Jericho. The podcast has now become the most downloaded edition of Jericho’s show.


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