Are you happy Roman Reigns is on Smackdown?

Forums Wrestling Discussion Are you happy Roman Reigns is on Smackdown?


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    I think the WWE moved Roman to Smackdown to make sure they have the star power once they get on Fox. Its clear that Roman is their biggest star and it shows just how important the Fox deal is to Vince and Co. I just hope he has enough heels to work with.

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    I guess. There are better opponents for him on Raw but I think your right about this move being entirely made for the Fox deal. Roman is the main star of WWE and Smackdown will become the main show of WWE. This move confirmed it.

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      There are better opponents on Raw but feuding with Roman will bring up people to a higher level on Smackdown, thus making them bigger stars. WWE needs more stars that get over with the crowd, this will help (hopefully) make them.

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    Yes. He is going to carry the WWE/Smackdown when it goes to Fox.

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    Yes, Roman is WWE’s biggest star and I never understood the hate towards him.

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