WWE Network to stream infamous lost Bret Hart Match


WWE has announced that the legendary, lost match between Bret Hart and Tom Magee is set to hit the Network after Raw on Monday.

Called “The Holy Grail: The Search for WWE’s Most Infamous Lost Match,” the documentary will showcase the fabled 1986 encounter, in which Bret “Hit Man” Hart faced Tom Magee in an untelevised tryout match in New York. After the match Tom Magee was labeled the next Hulk Hogan But if you’ve never heard of Tom Magee, that’s because his career didn’t exactly pan out that way.

The tape was recently discovered as part of “Hit Man’s” tape library and is now available. Check out this classic match and get the full story on how the tape was discovered, what happened to Tom Magee, and much more. The match is a testament to the skill of Bret Hart.


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